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There is a crack across the front of the jewel case. Seller affirms that Item has been tested in accordance with internal policies and procedures and packaged in a manner that safeguards reusability and protects it from damage during loading, transit, and unloading. All efforts are made to ensure your satisfaction with the quality of the item including providing accuracy in descriptions.

By purchasing, you the buyer, affirm that item is being sold as noted in the description and defined below and agree that this meets buyer requirements.

The originally intended functions of a unit of equipment or component, will satisfactorily serve the purpose s of someone who will reuse the unit. Seller has verified that all key functions of the item are functioning properly. Figures range of up to 50 nauti cal miles: are based on 25 watts for a 20 nautical mile range; watts to reach nm.

In the currently used system, "the closer radio beacons" are no longer there; both distant NDB's operateeonti nuously and on different frequencies - fo r example, 36S kHz and 38S kHz used at the Vilnius International Airport. Left: The Klaipeda marine beacon transmitter at 3 I 2. Transmitter type KRM operating at watts. The system's signals are monitored 24 hours a day using the R receiver abo ve. Rozewe Akmenrags, In the eve nt of a malfun c tion o f an aircraft 's VHF communi cations system, the NDB can be used to carry voice com munications between the air traffic control tower and the night crew.

Also still in operati on at the NDB transmitter site. We're re-entering the scanner market with top-quality, professional scanners. With that goal in mind, we're excited to introduce the HS portable scanner. The HS covers 13 bands including aircraft and MHz. Other features include: Channels, 10 Banks.

I also learned that listening to a nd QSLing beacons is a who le new ball ga me. U nl ike globa l broadcasters such as the BBC and Radio Nederland, operators of navigation beacons do not exist to entertai n and inform rad io listeners. In fact, they don't care what rad io listeners think of their program content. They don't need to attract a wide array of liste ners in order to j ustify their ex istence to the governments and adverti sers who fund them. They exist fo r one purpose only O n the other hand, beacon operators are not ogres: Some of the eng ineers and technicians who maintain these transmitters are rad io hobbyists themselves and understand the desire to receive verifications.

Also, some genuinely e njoy learning how thei r signal is being received hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I have fou nd that the Federal Aviation Admin istration, the United States Coast G uard , and Nav Canada are excellent verifiers, as are many mun icipally operated beacons.

Maybe you' re exclusi vely a shortwave listener like I once was and you are wondering what a beacon is and why you even would want to li ste n to one, much less QSL it!

I What is a beacon? A beacon is simply a radio transmitte r, at a known locati on, on a known frequency, which can easily be ide ntified by the crew of a plane or ship.

Beacons may operate from the basement bands all the way into the gigahertz region. Nowadays even the most inexpensive receivers cover at least part of this band. I have a low-end radio that contai ns the longwave broadcast band, which ranges from kHz to kHz and is used in Europe, the Midd le East, and Siberia.

Georg ia. Lo uisiana. North Carolina. An N DB sends o ut a Mo rse code ide ntifi e r us ua lly o ne to three characters lo ng and radiates a nondirectio na l signa l patte rn. Based o n these s ig na ls, the automatic di rectio n fi nder AD F o n board shi ps and aircraft can then ca lculate a heading in which to travel.

Unfortunate ly, N DBs are nearing the end of the ir usefulness. Satellite based techno logy and GPS systems prov ide m uch mo re accurate fi xes. Heari ng a beacon sig nal calls to mind the romantic image of a bush pi lot fl y ing hi s DC3 across the frozen tund ra, braving strong winds, a nd hanging on to every dit a nd dah fro m a far-off bem. T he idea of a profess io na l crew fl ying a corporate j et from C leve land to Newark by re lying o n an o rbiti ng sate ll ite to bring them right to the threshold of their desired run way just doesn' t have the same appeal.

I Why QSL these devices? T hose or us who do. O ne goal of mi ne is to rece ive a QSL fro m every state in the un ion, be it long-, med iumo r short wave. We have shortwave trans m itters in states such as F lorida, California, Texas. W e have 50 kW mediumwa ve trans mitte rs in ma ny states, too. Maybe I' m do ing some thing te rribly w rong, but l ha ve had li ttle success.

A nd what about states such as, say. Unless I caught an awesome tropo o pening, l had hardly a c hance of hearing anything from the Land of Enchantment. Maybe your goal is to QSL every country, instead. I can hear a mediurnw ave stati o n in Freeport in the Bahamas with loca l c larity, but the y arc q uite ti ght fisted w ith their QS Ls. It fru strated me that l could not get a QS L from a counc ry a mere miles away, especia ll y whe n I could he ar this country, day o r night.

Man y O ther Fe atures. Many More Features. Many Other Features. Scanning Portable. Using the Internet can help you QSL the ends of th e earth. Then, of course, there are places such as Greenland where, quite frankl y, QSLing a beacon is a bout the on ly way you're going to verify them. St ill not convinced? O ne thing I love most a bout beacon chasing and which is often overlooked by DXers is the absence of a language barrier.

Of course, wri ting the reception report in a foreign language is another story The dog that caught the car You heard a beacon and now you want to se nd a reception report. Where do you send it? What information do you provide?

I knew the beacon was located in Grand Is le. I addressed the e nvelope the best I could , but within days the e nvelope was returned because the postal service couldn ' t make heads or tails of the address I provided. They deal exc lu sively with broadcast stat ions. So where should you turn? I need to make a distinction. Not all beacons arc created equa l. Some are owned by. Still othe rs arc owned by munic ipa lities or even foreign entities suc h as Nav Canada.

Knowing w ho owns the beacon wi ll determine how you s tart us ing the WWW to locate an address to send your re port. Unfortunate ly , thi s information generally cannot be fou nd on the Web, fo r the Web lacks data o n marine and most fore ign NDBs.

His guide li sts the frequency, ID, shi ft, locati on, ownership. I wi ll guide you through the process of locating addresses for several types of beacons. The first is a beacon owned by the FA A. Fi rst you need data about thi s beacon. The Internet is probably the best source for thi s.

I know of two sites that provide exce ll ent data on ae ro nondirect ional beacons. The other is maintained on a site at my a lma mater. Georg ia Tech. Contacting the FAA about a beacon gets a little tric ky. I have found thi s doesn't always work.

In fact it rarely works. It 's best to find a nearby FAA office. Again , the Internet. Of all the on-line directories out there. I have found that Yahoo! The ir. Enter the city and stare whe re the a irport is located. In thi s case I'll enter "Melbourne FL. Melbourne, FL I. Is there an easier way to do thi s? I'm sure there is. Other on-line directories arc nice. A problem w ith the other on-line directories is you must g ive a spec ifi c c ity.

Could you imagi ne how long a list of all FAA offices in Californ ia must be? And if you li st a specific c ity. Let's say you 've heard a beacon in At lanta.

You would 've guessed that , right? Going through Yahoo 1 has never failed me. What about beacons not owned by the FAA? Many beacons fa ll into th is category. If they aren' t owned by the FAA the n they' re most likely owned by a muni cipal governme nt. T he FA A has nothing to do w ith thi s beacon. In these cases. I typicall y write directl y to the airport. The best source for airport information is located at the Georgia Tech site.

I'll search by "geographic place na me. Don' t be fooled: It 's rare that the beacon ident ifier and the airport identifier arc the same! Brooksvill e, FL Includes Glossary of Slang and Terms. Illustrated Listener's Guide Book. Now you can hear the ethereal sounds of the earth and its environment. Distant lightning discharges. Electrical applicances produce a symphony of their own, and even swarms of insects can be detected by this sensitive receive r!

Since its development in As you wa lk th rough sand or over gravel. Strolling through your home or office, yo u can audibly detect the panorama of electromagnetic rad iations from nearly anything with a power cord on it! You can even use this unique product as an electrical interference Even the Earth's electrical disturbances which produce the auroras shown h ere in probe.

You can't hear all of these sounds on your shortwave receiver or scanner. Now you can monitor approaching electrical storms, nearby electrical appliances, motors, power lines, and other emitting devices in the , Hz range! Order now and receive a tree minute demonstration tape and a listening guide at no extra cost! T he person openin g the mail mi ght not have the slightest idea where to di rect your letter.

He re. The NDB related Web sites are dedicated to av iation and conta in no information about maritime beacons. So how wi ll you know whether you're listening to one or the other? They make it easy for us. Aero beacons in the USA send an e ndl ess string of ide ntifi ers. Maritime beacons send identifie rs for 50 seconds then send a single tone for I 0 seconds. This cycle o f identifiers and tones continues endlessly. If you hear thi s te lltale sign, you know you have an American maritime beacon which is most likely owned by the Coast Guard.

My intent in thi s article is to e xplain how to use the Internet to help QSL beacons and I'm sti c king to it. Sure, you will need a guide such as Ken Stryker' s beacon handbook, but you wi ll want to access the Coast Guard 's web site to uncover w he re to send your reception report. T his be acon sent.. I quickly started work ing on my recepti on re port.

The author's "anti-QSL" prepared form card. Sometimes the Morse code can be hard even on the best of us. I quickly received a reply informing me that the beacon I " heard" had been decommi ss ioned over two years ago! In spite of having a n amateur radio license with a code requirement, I learned I was a little rusty copy ing code. I later determined I was actually hearing " Y" on kHz in Yankeetown. Sadly, thi s e xperie nce wi ll continue as more advanced for ms of navigation become available.

So much for my intrepid bush pilot. I Our neighbors to the north Canada has recently gone through a big c hange with respect to aviati on. Until November I, , a ll publicly owned beacons were owned and operated by Transport Canada. On that first day of November, all air traffic control cente rs. Some DXcrs worried that thi s new priva te company would end Canada' s excel le nt record of verifying reception reports.

I can assure e veryone first hand, that Navcanada is con-. Yellow Pages As I type this article. However, based on my recent experiences with Navcanada, it appears the addresses for Transport Canada are valid for Navcanada.

Perhaps they didn 't move physicall y, or Post Canada forwards their mail to them. This applies to writing the report, too. Don ' t e xpect them to understand all of the technica l jargon used by shortwave listeners and hams. In fact, the entire idea of a reception repo11 may be fore ign to them. Be sure to explain you' re a radio hobbyist and why receiving a verification from the m is meaningful to you.

If you arent enthusiastic about your hobby, why should they do you the fa vor of a confirniation? Yes, a favor' The ir one and only responsibi lity is to navigation. Be polite, courteous, and brief. When writing the report, use time local to the beacon e. Instead of confusing them. Keep in mind, you're asking for verification that you did in fact hear their beacon.

Simply saying you heard beacon "ABC'' on 32 1 kHz isn't enough. On the other hand. There are two pieces of information you can provide which should prove you heard the beacon: the audio shift and the keying rate. The audio signal and carrier frequency of a beacon are separated by either Hz or Hz. What does this mean? It uses a shift of Hz, meaning the carrier is found on exactly kHz. Beacon "SB" in nearby Ontario is also on kHz, but it usesa Hz shift, meaning its audio will be found at If your recei ver has sharp enough filters, you should easily be able to distinguish the two.

The second bit of information. I assumed all sent thei r identifiers at about the same rate. Boy, was I wrong! I have encountered beacons with 3-digit identifiers sending as fas t as a beacon with a single digit identifier. I will ge nerall y time how long it takes the beacon to send I0 identifications IDs , then convert that into IDs per minute.

When reporting on Canadian beacons. I also time the length of the tone between IDs. Last, but certainly not least, you must include a PFC and return postage. A PFC is a 'prepared forn1 card. You don "t need anything fancy. I use the postage paid postcards available from the United States Postal Service and run them through a laser p1inter. When sending reports to other countries. I simply usea4" by 6" unl ined index card and include one US dollar to cover postage.

If you don "t have access to a laser printer, hand stencili ng or typing a form letter will suffice. Make this PFC as simple as possible.

I provide space for the technician or cnginecr to enter the power, antenna type. Remember above all that they are under no obligation whatsoever to provide you with a confinnation. Be polite and make this process as easy as possible for them, and you' ll be more likely to experience success yourself.

PowerClear attacks noise and heterodynes with advanced DSP algorithms and lets you tailor bandpass response to your individual need-separate adjustments for low and high cutoff as well as audio bandpass shift. Cut through the noise with factory preset filters and with up to seven combinations of your choice. The bright red and green LEDs quickly show your selected filter adjustments. Call your SGC dealer now for details. SGC Inc..

SGC Building. Bellevue, WA. Box LW setup may not be pretty, but it's compact, convenient, and it works. At the time. If I reca ll correctly. That was my first experience with LF. Living not fa r from an airport. All these small surplus receivers con In case of an emergency. Low down communications. What ebe was down there? Eventually I could hear other signals but they were very weak and uni nte lligib le.

The power companies were using the lines as a telephone line between the various power stati ons! This practice. I believe, no longer exists in North America but is sti ll in use in New Zealand. Hey, if you are runni ng wires all over the countryside why not use them for carryi ng messages and telemetry also? You had to be careful how you loaded the telephone circuits to the AC high voltage lines.

If you did not follow the proper procedures you could be in for a shocki ng experience. That same transmission mode, called carrier Current" CC. Some rece ivers were being imported from Europe. In the late 50's and earl y 60's the practice of broadcasting weather reports on the air navigation range stations was abandoned.

With the advent of newer navaids, the range stations were decommissioned and turned into NDB 's. That was easy to do: remove and scrap the outer four towers and leave the center one! Be ing involved in the weather business. One of those stations is Logan Airport in Boston. TUK kHz in Nantucket also has weather information superim posed on the carrier. LF Revival However.

The receivers covering this hand we re now available. The sensiti vity of the new receivers was very good, but anot her factor was now c. Notice that there is nothing in this list that is located in my listening room! Anything that you install ahead of and plug directly to you r receiver is li able to cause intermodulation problems.

So some experimentation was in order. The ideal LF station After about a year of trial and error. I finally came up with the "ullimate" setup for LF monitoring. It is completely portable and not connected to the house current. It can thus be taken to some "quiet" area like a deserted island, the top of a mountain. External battery bracket holds 4 cells, instead of the three cells used in the internal compartment.

The receiver is a Sony 20 I0 with the two Kiwa tilters installed. If you plug any thing in the external antenna srn:ket of thi s radio. Thi s is due to a built-i n attenuator that is switd1ed on when the plug is inserted in the socket. To cure this problem. I coupled a boosted. FL Besides being a booster on its own, this coupler can be used to ind ucti vely feed an antenna signal to the Sony. The 56 character memory is viewed. Although a computer is not required.

Premium Shipping available at additional charge. I used th is coupler to inducti vely feed the signal from a foot ante nn a to the Sony. Feeding a foot an te nn a directly into a 20 I0 is aski ng fort rouble at any time. The long antenna did not really add much to the signal strength already being boosted by the Q-St ick. While the receiver and coupler worked very we ll together. The Q-Stick also has to be positi oned correct ly within 0. What do you do?

I went to my local plastic shop and had a slanted support be nt to accommodate the Sony and the Q-Stick. See photo above. The support was then modified and added on to. The strip behind the coupler is a band of Velcro.

Small Velcro tabs are glued on the coupler. If you use the same setu p for MW. In my case. So, that's basically the explanation. It's all love, really. I'm also the guy that did the Jungle mix of Sugar and the House mix of Horses.

There's definitely more tori fun to come. Thanks for listening, guys I hope I've answered all your questions. Mucho Love. Tone tonyrojas tone tonedeff. The book puts the piano parts of the songs in tab format. It also comes with a CD that demonstrates how the songs are supposed to sound. The book, like most all of Tori's other songbooks, is published by Amsco.

It has a picture of Tori sitting next to the top part of a guitar on the front. The back has a close up shot of Tori's face, and there is one picture inside the book.

Lily Matini sent me a scan of the book's cover, which you can see to the right. Click on the picture to see it larger. The Order number is AM Amanda Cavataio was the first to tell me about this. As described on the Rhino web site, this package "brings you a deluxe five-CD box set giving props to female artists who made music history during the 20th century. Spanning , R-E-S-P-E-C-T's songs include nearly every genre of popular music, voicing the struggles, stereotypes, and successes that have helped to define 'The Year of the Woman,' a ubiquitous catch-phrase used to describe successful female artists since the early '90s.

Go to the Rhino Records web site for more details, a complete track listing , and the text of the liner notes where you can read what they say about Tori. I think it is wonderful that Tori was included in this collection, and it again shows how relevant she is as an artist! This collection can be ordered at the Rhino web site , or can also be purchased at various online vendors like CDnow and Amazon.

The CD, which was only released locally in the L. I am not sure when this performance took place! You can read reviews of that and see a photo here.

For a while, you could buy this CD online at the Virgin Megastore web site. However, the CD appears to be sold out now. The collection features performances recorded live in the Star Lounge by the following groups:. Visit the KROQ website for onsale information. These CD's generally fly out of the stores and you really need to be on your toes to get one.

Don't under-estimate how fast these sell out. Here are more comments or details that people have sent to me about this item: From Kevin Barnes October 30, - This is the review I submitted to Amazon. I gave it 3 stars: "Some tribute albums work very well as a collection of respectable covers by various artists putting their own unique style into the already well written songs -- This one doesn't.

One band with one singer trying much too hard to replicate the original songs does not do Tori justice -- but it is cheap and if nothing else it is still very well written music and it makes you think about Tori songs and would be good to have in case a tragedy occurs that misplaces all of your actual Tori music.

Get it only if you have a couple of extra bucks lying around and already have all of Tori's real music. October 30, - It is by E-clypse featuring Jemma Price which you already know. Anyway, the sounds are electronic. A lot of keyboards are used. It goes without saying. However, I think it's really cool that Ears with Feet came out with an album devoted to Tori.

It might not be great, but it definitely shows you what Tori's love can do to people. It inspires people. And it inspires these people Emma and E-clypse, whoever they are to show the world just how much they're inspired. I'm using the word inspired too much.

Behind the cover reads: "Following the enormous success of her tribute to Kate Bush, Jemma Price makes a welcomed return to Dressed to Kill with this collection of Tori Amos interpretations October 25, - I read on your site you were interested to hear about the Jemma Price versions of Tori's songs on the Pretty Good Years tribute album. Well, I own this album, plus another one by her.

Earlier this month, I was in London. Back home I also found the Tori tribute at Plaatboef, for about the same price. Now for the quality The band stayed pretty close to the originals, especially on the Kate tribute which is called "The Child In Her Eyes", by the way.

Personally, I don't see the use of cover versions when you decide to just re-do the original, which in this case, is a lot better than the cover version. Jemma seems to try hard to sound exactly like Kate Bush even on the Tori disc! And all the songs sound like they have been recorded once, like demo versions. They didn't even bother to take out the false notes, it seems!

In my opinion, anyone that appreciates the music of Kate or Tori, should play the original artists, and stay away from this cover band. November 9, - I'm not sure that anyone cares for this review This was a tribute to the goddess, but lets just say this attempt was a bit short come.

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It helps ensure the future of small-market clubs, and increases the advantage of the most profitable teams. Corporate names are plastered on arenas and stadiums all over the world today, and the marquee sponsorship agreements are becoming more lucrative and intricate with each blockbuster contract. Louis Rams decided to continue their relationship, announcing a renewal of. But that still leaves lots of nice real estate that could be on the market soon.

It could be a tricky process for AEG, which is for sale. Plus, crossover star David Beckham is gone after leading the Galaxy to consecutive league titles, and Sporting KC also is in the market for a naming rights deal after an embarrassing disagreement with cancer charity Livestrong led to the end of their partnership.

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Supervalu Target United Contint. Wal-Mart Walgreen Waste Mgmt. Wintrust Fincl. Elaine Thomas sets up an embroidery design on a Bernina machine at Stitching on State in Hampshire. State St. The couple has spent the last three years updating merchandise and changing the look and feel of the store.

Now, the owners are taking ownership of their business, after formally unveiling the newly branded Stitching on State to more than customers in a grand reopening on Feb. This is our business now. Although now with a new name, the business still will deliver the same expertise customers have come to expect, Mike Thomas said.

Stitching on State still offers the high-quality Pfaff and Bernina brand sewing machines. They can still peruse the old, Dutch Colonial home for notions, supplies, sewing needles and books, Mike Thomas said.

Mike and Elaine Thomas weighed various names, before settling on the alliterative Stitching on. Stitching on State What: Featuring exceptional fabrics, notions, supplies, as well as Bernina and Pfaff sewing machines. Shop also offers dozens of classes, clubs, workshops and events each month. Where: S. They thought it reflected their desire not to be known just for quilting.

In the coming months, the owners will try to diversify their merchandise, so that younger, time-strapped sewers can turn to the store to complete smaller home decor projects, like knitting handbags or table runners. Elaine Thomas still works as home health care director at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, but routinely makes final business decisions on marketing and merchandise.

Together, the two have kept a thriving destination store in business through personal customer service and high-quality products. The two plan to keep succeeding with the business, albeit under a different name. Exports rose 2. Exports of oil and other petroleum products rose to the highest level on record. Overseas shipments of agriculture goods and aircraft also increased. Imports shrank 2. Oil imports plunged to billion barrels, the fewest since February A survey of U. A narrower trade gap boosts growth because it means U.

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Shoppers can use up to 20 cents per gallon in Rewards on a single fill-up at a participating Mobil location with a maximum of 25 gallons and a limit of one vehicle per transaction.

For more information, visit www. Apple Inc. They keep enough around for immediate needs, and either invest the rest in their operations or dole it out to shareholders in the form of dividends or stock buybacks.

If they need more cash for, say, an acquisition, they borrow it. The money belongs to shareholders, so Apple is limited in what it can legally do with it. Removing the uncertainty from your divorce The more prevalent divorce becomes, the more financially complicated it becomes. Sadly, half of all divorces and even more second marriages end prematurely.

It would be reasonable to expect that the law, the process and even the outcome could be accurately forecast.

Surprisingly, this is not the case. This uncertainty is the source of considerable emotional turmoil and anxiety during the divorce process. Some ways I help clients include motivating and educating them about financial fundamentals and encouraging them to get organized.

This process may help your advisers uncover hidden assets, be most efficient with your case and their time and ultimately save you money. With this as a goal then, here are some tasks for you to complete ahead of negotiations or official financial filings with the court.

Copy and understand income tax statements and investment reports. Review current pay stubs, bonuses, deductions and expenses. Establish a credit history in your name and order a copy of your joint credit report.

Reaffirm the ownership of all assets. Finance Graham Craig and how they are registered. Review life, disability and medical insurance policies. Call human resources and understand all future pensions and profit sharing plans as well as employee benefit summaries. Clarify mortgage terms on all real estate holdings. Call the utility companies and obtain annual costs for heat and air conditioning bills on your primary residence. Unless you have a substantial settlement in divorce I advise clients to be prepared to let the marital home go.

A water heater or furnace can be expensive to replace. If you decide to keep the house as part of your settlement and later want to sell consider the opportunity cost. You will have to pay Realtor fees, moving costs, the housing market may be softer then. The alternative would be to sell the house and split all proceeds and take advantage of the joint exclusion.

Spend time preparing a thorough monthly budget. During support negotiations you will need to know how much money you will be left with after taxes are paid to understand the impact of various proposals.

The first step is to know what is taxable and not. Payments classified as child support are not taxable to the receiving spouse and not tax-deductible by the paying spouse. Payments classified as spousal support or alimony are taken into income for tax purposes by the receiving spouse and deductible from income by the paying spouse. Note that additional income may move you to a different tax rate.

Insure your settlement proceeds to guarantee the certainty of your settlement.

TVs and computer. In a time when mattresses are sold at big box and discount stores, in addition to mattress retailers, Westman is proud to offer something more than the typical cookie-cutter approach. The CTIA sees itse lf as doing a ll this forthe greater good of soc iety, since the cellular telephone has become the ''tool of choice for crooks" because of the anonymity and mobility it provides; by preventing fra ud they help stop other Closing Time - Various - Just Passin Thru No. 3: From The HFS Archives (CD) rimes in which these thi eves are usually in volved. Going through Yahoo 1 has never failed me. Many people have made the mistake of thinking that Tonedeff is dissing Tori in the song, which is not the case at all. But then there's all these other cool things going on in the song. Here are more comments from Nick Peruski : i just bought the tori maximum interview cd. So far this season, two snowmobiles went into the Fox River on the southwest side of Burtons Bridge when ice extended feet from shore but there was more than feet of open water.
Juramento - Don Barreto, Don Barreto Et Son Orchestre Cubain - Volume Two 1932-1936 (CD), Haifisch - Rammstein - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (CD, Album), Jeito Bom De Sofrer - Flora Purim - Flora e M.P.M. (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jeito Bom De Sofrer - Flora Purim - Flora e M.P.M. (Vinyl, LP, Album)

8 thoughts on “Closing Time - Various - Just Passin Thru No. 3: From The HFS Archives (CD)

  1. Of the 3 volumes of this series that exist, this is by far the easiest session to skip. WHFS at this stage in their lifespan had lost some of it's indie-cred and that is reflected in the generic artists and song selections for this collection of songs performed in the radio studio.2/5(2).
  2. 10 –Korn Freak On A Leash (Dante Ross Mix). Condition is Acceptable. There is a crack across the front of the jewel case. 2 –Remy Zero Prophecy. Secondary functions not working properly or missing components are disclosed as follows.
  3. Korn - Freak On A Leash (Dante Ross Mix). Remy Zero - Prophecy. The disc is in near mint/mint condition and has been tested by us. The jewel case is in great shape, the inside tray is intact. Barenaked Ladies - One Week.
  4. The exact title of the album is "Just Passin' Thru, No. 3 - From The HFS Archives". The album will be available at all Washington D.C./Baltimore area Starbucks stores for a limited time and will cost $ A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Capitol Area Food Bank and Maryland Food Bank. The track listing is: Creed - My Own Prison Remy.
  5. Aug 19,  · Polyester Bride (live) (from Just Passin' Thru No. 2 - An HFS Session) Nov. 18, **** And Run (live) (from Random Acts 2) Dec. 15, Never Said (live) (from Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music Volume 3) May 18, Down (sourced from the This is the Modern World Capitol promo video compilation) Jul. 2,
  6. Apr 14,  · I just put this in, sorry, a bit new to ubuntu [] ajehuk, and this way you wouldn't need to backup the whole OS, just the important data [] ajehuk, and re-create the system in case trouble happens === freacky is now known as ubugtu-fr_ [] cubex - No No No - it is not a substitute for a bare metal backup - it can be - but I.
  7. movies All video latest This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now! Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings. Kodi Archive and Support File Community Software Vintage Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library.
  8. Full text of "The Ontario boundary controversy [microform]: legal and constitutional, political and historical: the proceedings before the Imperial Privy Council, with selections from the documents in evidence, a special appendix, and an elaborate illustrative historical map" See other formats.

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