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Please use the link that just so happens to be conveniently labeled message the moderators right above our usernames. Since breaking out in her teens as a rising country star, Swift has been consistently associated with the hallmarks of the American high school experience: homecomings and football teams, proms and cliques. With a juicy, unhurried synth beat, it sees Swift sing-talking her way through a series of quotable lyrics. Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. John Shearer—Getty Images for dcp.

By Raisa Bruner. My cheeks flushed a deep red. Standing up, she undid the snap on my trousers and tugged them down, exposing the pull-up and pink plastic panties. My mom snatched the note from me and swiftly opened it, her features darkening as she read the missive.

My heart sank and I felt like crying. I stumbled along, my trousers nearly tripping me. Reaching the bedroom, I saw my nighttime diapers already laid out, as they usually were, on the changing mat my mom kept on my bed.

Yanking my shoes and pants off, she tugged my pull-ups down and set them aside. Positioning me on my back, she grabbed my ankles and pulled them up over my head, sliding the thick stack of diapers underneath my rump. I thought she would put my diaper rash cream on next but instead, she picked up the wooden paddle next to my changing mat and swung it down harshly, slapping each of my exposed cheeks hard with a scalding impact.

I howled out in pain as she moved from one cheek to the other, slapping and swatting them viciously. I wailed in agony, unable to respond. Tears streamed down my face and I wailed like a baby. I sobbed and struggled against her grip but she was a strong woman and she easily held my ankles high as she swatted my helpless bottom repeatedly with the paddle.

My cheeks were the color of red apples when she finally put the paddle down. I sobbed and wiped my arm across my wet face as she smeared the diaper rash cream across my hot, stinging cheeks. Baby powder was soon being sprinkled over my front area and she pulled the thick cloth diapers around and pinned them together at the sides.

Taking the pink plastic panties I had worn earlier, she shook them out and positioned them at my feet. Picking up my trousers in her hand, she looked down at me in my sissy diapers and pink plastic panties. Wiping the tears from my face, I put my sneakers back on as she strode out of the room leaving me to contend with a hot, stinging bottom, the heat trapped in my thick diapers.

When I caught my reflection in the full-length mirror with my pink baby diapers exposed, I really looked and felt like a toddler. I sobbed and caught a waft of the ever present smell of stale, pee-soiled diapers that filled my room. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I wondered with dismay what I was going to do. The frustration and shame of the day was overwhelming and without thinking, I reached down and began rubbing the front of my bunny soft diapers.

As usual, it felt wonderful, although my scalded bottom was a major distraction. Visions of gorgeous Ms. I gasped aloud and my eyes crossed as I came hard, splashing my little load into the soft folds of my sissy diapers. View all posts by bobby I hope you will give thought to a sequel. What happens when Brian goes to school in diapers the next day? In my own life, just like Brian, I had a bed-wetting problem until I was nine, and like Brian I started wetting my pants at school.

After this happened the third time, my teacher called my mom to get her permission to send me down to the nursery where 7th and 8th grade girls learned child-care skills as part of the Home-Econ. It pulls no punches in showing that AIDS was largely ignored as long as it was primarily in the Gay community should be to our shame.

Makes you wonder how far we might have gone in the research and containment of this disease had we gotten behind ending it from the start. Lots of lip service from those who had the power to actually help but little action whereas in the Gay community shown in this film Beautifully acted and moving. Not a false note in the entire film. But aside from that it is important in content. I am struggling to find the right words to use.

The pain and struggles were balanced with just the right amount of laughter as to not completely destroy the watcher. Make no mistake, you will be destroyed at the end but somehow you don't mind. This is a MUST watch for anyone under 40 especially. For those of us that are old enough to remember what those early days were like, it is a reminder that is painful to watch, but makes us joyful that we have come so far.

We still have so much farther to go. Mark Ruffalo's performance was extraordinary! His grief, his anger and his passion were palpable. The performance by Jim Parsons blew me out of the water. Good lord it make actually make me watch his TV comedy now that I've seen this!

I'm a pretty huge fan of American Horror Story, but even I can recognize that it's just a very entertaining, corny trash-fest. Having seen nothing else from Ryan Murphy, I had no idea he had this in him, to direct a film with this much grace and eloquence.

Compared to last year's Dallas Buyers Club, this is much better. If it had gotten a theatrical release, it very well could have gotten a lot of Oscar nominations. Although much of the cast is great, Matt Bommer really sails high and above everyone else. Incredible performance, very much an Oscar-winning one if there ever was, and so I hope he gets to win the Emmy at least. This is highly recommended. Make no mistake, what this film is about, is a human being's one man crusade of passion -- Ned Weeks passion.

What you'll see throughout this film, is those who care more for politics and bureaucracy than hard, gut-wrenching, passion. What do you do when you know what you're saying is right, and those around you know its right too.. Ned Weeks friends were dying all around him, even those he didn't know were dying, and he wanted those in power to take action -- the people in his own circle -- but they felt the way he was projecting "the message" was diminishing their strides for acceptance and freedom to "the group".

What to do? His main character Ned seemed to be a voice in a time where this type of voice was not listed to, given a platform, even shunned against to try to bring attention to what was happening to gay men at the beginning of the AIDS crisis.

When nobody in your group listens to your valid points to stop death as well as the local, State or Federal government -- imagine the hell you'll face! That's the hell Ned faced. For me, if the film was more directed on Ned's strong arm advocacy, I might've scored it higher because that was the important point I took away from the film.

Mark Ruffalo did fine, but I think he would have been better if he had more of the 'advocacy' to work with. It upset me to see Ned Weeks battle against those he was trying to help. I didn't see him as an egotistical, self-centered, know it all as they claimed, but as someone who was pushy, loud and told the truth to gay men when the truth was hard to take; and he had no problem getting into the face of those who cold spread that message as he felt, it would save lives.

Even the one that eventually hit home. I appreciate Director Murphy's unflinching realness associated with behaviors at that time, from the clandescent gay sexual encounters to the monogamous ones, all under the beginnings of a real impending health crisis. There are a few stories of men who were treated like dirt as the disease consumed them in life and death, and it is heart wrenching to watch that's to Murphy's direction.

And by the way, this is not fiction, and you re-live what many did back then. Julia Roberts as Emma was to show the very, very few people in the medical profession who 'tried' at that time only to get ignored shunned, treated ignorantly, etc.

It's hard not to compare this to the other films about the early days of AIDS, but this is a different tale, and should be seen as such. Some may not because the advocacy focus get's played down at points when it should have been the hard focus. It's an advocacy and bureaucracy tale, and there is where the film falters as it does skew a bit away from that at times.

To focus on Ned Weeks struggle really comes when he goes head to head with what he thought was his compatriots, comes in the latter part of the film. New York bureaucracy and politics was hell, even moreso than Washington at that time, but even worse than that, is the in-fighting.

Joe Mantello as Micky really sums this up very, very well and is one of the best performances here. Dennis O'Hare brought a chill to my spine as an "Ed Kotch" representative, a small but pivotal part for this story -- and I bring this up because I wanted more seen of this too to drive this story home. Matt Bonner takes on the part of Ned's lover Felix who becomes infected with AIDS, and goes through one of the most heartbreaking metamorphoses seen in film as the disease progresses.

The thing is, after all the other films one may expect this type of part, but it is Director Murphy along with Bonner that makes this one go the distance as it doesn't flinch from every gory detail.

There is nothing romantic about this, it is a disease shown that just doesn't affect his life, but the life of those around him -- like any other terminal illness. Again where the film breakdown is in this ending, which I think was more "contemporary" than taking the hard line of Ned and his 'beating himself up' for not being more of an advocate to 'save' his lover. Let me also add that Jim Parson's role as Tommy is another great performance as someone caught in the middle.

There is a line Tommy says at a funeral that just brings me to tears, and if it doesn't touch anyone out there, then maybe I hope everyone gives this a look because it's not over, and we have much to learn from the past.

Dominic91 2 June This is such a well told story. Mark Ruffalo has always been an amazing actor, however here he really takes center stage. He has not had such an impacting role since his breakthrough performance in you can count on me. Julia Roberts and Matt Bomer are also excellent.

It is great to see so many great actors coming together to tell such an important story. A scene towards the end of the movie between Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer has particularly stayed with me and really pulled at the heart strings.

Sing When You're Winning. Although much of the cast is great, Matt Bommer really sails high and above everyone else. But aside from that it is important in content. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. I'm a pretty huge fan of American Horror Story, but even I can recognize that it's just a very entertaining, corny trash-fest. Retrieved 2 May Rolling Stone. Critics who were not even alive at the time opinion's on the subject are worthless in my view, but for those critics who have long ago left their pacifiers at home I can agree with some of the negatives.
Skin Graft - Left For Dead (2) - Left For Dead (Vinyl, Album), Plain White Rapper - Various - Hip Hope Hits 2007 (CD), Plain White Rapper - Various - Hip Hope Hits 2007 (CD), Το Μυαλό Μου Θολώνει - Ζέτα Οικονόμου - Ζωντανά Με Την Ζέτα (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “Gradual Taylor / Out Of Control (12) - Love Is Holding Me Together (Vinyl)

  1. Then, there’s the way a record feels when you pick it up and hold it in your hand. It’s the kind of experience that cannot be replicated in a digital format. Even the smell of a new vinyl album that hits you when you open the cover on a new record must be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate. And, of course, there’s the sound.
  2. Feb 01,  · Taylor's heart stuttered as the small plane banked erratically, dropped far too close to the water again, then hurtled, out of control, across the sand. She grabbed her cousin's arm. "He's coming right at us!" "Look out," someone shrieked. "He's gonna hit the board-walk! Run; get away from here!"Brand: Tyndale House Publishers.
  3. out of 5 stars Johnnie's fourth Malaco album finds him in peak form. Reviewed in the United States on December 18, Released in , "In Control" was Johnnie Taylor /5(6).
  4. While "Come Away with Me," the album's signature track, is known the world over, my favorites were actually some of the songs that weren't promoted as singles, such as "Feelin' the Same Way." The sexy jazz songs on this album are perfect for falling in love, mourning a broken heart, and feeling the full realm of all the feelings in between/5(K).
  5. Dec 15,  · O have several vinyl's which I listen to on a regular basis and all of them, even very old ones, and they sound so much better on vinyl than other formats, bit for some reason this vinyl is terrible, when she sings the high notes the vinyl goes screechy etc and honestly sounds a bit looe a cheap copy of an original vinyl or something, which /5().
  6. You Knocked My Heart Out Of Line Written-By – Larry Addison: A2: It Don't Hurt Me Like It Used To Written-By – Frank Johnson: A3: In Control Written-By – Larry Addison, Roger Hawkins, Vickie Lancaster* A4: Got To Leave This Woman Written-By – George Jackson (3) A5: Let's Get Closer Written-By – R.A. Johnson.
  7. Feb 15,  · **WATCH IN HD** TAGS: love me like you do, ellie goulding, lyrics, download, taylor swift, music video, vevo, fifty shades of grey, style, blank space.
  8. Oct 10,  · Turning me around, she dismissed me with a swat to my now padded bottom. Twenty minutes later, I came sheepishly back into the classroom, still wearing the prissy pull-up which at least hid my embarrassing, tiny package. Ms. Taylor was holding a pink pair of plastic panties and I gulped when she motioned for me to come over and step into them.

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